We’ve all heard great things about the food at Samosa House in Culver City, so I’m just here to back up those claims.  It’s greatly comforting to know that, not far away, there is a place with delicious and safe Indian food that I can rely on.  And it doesn’t break the $8 Indian food mark that I like to stay under (the best always does!  EDIT: except for the pricey but totally worth it Vatan in NYC).

$7.99 special: 3 sides and rice

$7.99 special: 3 sides and rice (they threw in an extra!)

Clockwise from the top right: soy tikka masala, chana bhindi, chana masala, jackfruit curry, brown rice.  OK, I had never seen a couple of these choices before, which also happened to be the most noteworthy of the bunch.  The jackfruit was succulent and well spiced, covered in chopped cilantro.  I would love to see more restaurants incorporate jackfruit into their menus.  And the tikka masala, with chewy soy pieces swimming in a creamy red coconut milk sauce, was also a delight.  I’ve always seen meaty versions but I had never seen a vegan option to try.  Each of these offerings alone would be worth the trip.

The Dabeli: a spicy Indian veggie burger made of potatoes, peanuts, coconut and mint.

The Dabeli: a spicy Indian veggie burger made of potatoes, peanuts, coconut and mint.

The dabeli was quite a surprise.  For only a few bucks, you get a vegan burger that explodes with flavor, individuality (peanuts??  mint??  yeah.), and a spicy kick that will leave your nose a little runny.  I don’t know what to say about this thing that the picture and description don’t; you need to try it.

Samosa house is all vegetarian, but not all vegan.  When you order food, be sure to tell them right away that you are vegan or else the first thing they scoop into your try may be a dollop of yogurt.  And on top of the delicious food, Samosa House is also a fully stocked Indian grocery.  Next time you’re in Culver City, be sure to swing by for a low budget meal that won’t disappoint.

Samosa House
1510 W. Washington Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90066
Map It.

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3 Responses to “Samosa House in Culver City.”
  1. Vegyogini says:

    I’ve only been to the restaurant once, but I had a great experience and would definitely go again. I love Indian food! Jackfruit is one of the most perfect foods to pair with Indian sauces and spices, too; I even pair them at home.

  2. Samosa House is one of my all time faves–I finally tried the veggie burger the other day and it was soooo friggin good. Love the blog and your pics are great! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Sandy says:

      Thank you! I just switched to the Canon S90. It’s the best compact camera I have used and it’s great in low light settings. Highly recommended.

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